Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogging Goes Techie. From Blogs to iPhone Apps.

Blogging is future. Just like what everybody says. If you don’t own a blog then start blogging. Blog has converted a silent world of website to a convenient communication and testament of blogging. Without blogs you wouldn’t know such thing exist. You wouldn’t know if an on sale item for sale is a crap. If a food from this resto taste bad. Blogging has diversified the internet by connecting people of the same interest.

For Business and eCommerce site blogging is always a necessity. People nowadays know how to critically study a product before spending their precious money on it. Reading first product reviews, comments and recommendations.  Peer recommendations always drive people to buy your product or service.

Back to basics. How can i get an iPhone App running on my iPhone.

If you’re looking for an iphone app how-to-install or get iphone apps on your iphone and just don’t know how to. You’re on the right track. So let me clear your mind. After acquiring an iPhone you should have know that it has different capabilities that you can take advantage off. How? By using this 4 basic resources wherein you can get an app running on your iphone.

The App Store : With over 250,000 applications available for download. Both for Free and Paid. It is your ultimate mobile app source thus far. Apps are already categorized on its niche. This app store is your first and most basic way to install apps on your iphone. Just look for the logo straight from your phone or open the iTunes icon on your desktop.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Fixes: Free iPhone Apps for Editing Pictures

If you own an iPhone and you love to work with your facebook app, share stories and pictures. But then again you notice that your image lacks of the quality that you want to attain. Worry no more, here’s a short list of photo editing applications for iphone, iPod touch and iPad – available for free download.

iRetouch Lite | Nick Drabovich | Free

Retouching and Editing images made easy. iRetouch offers tools such as smudge, brighten, hue, eraser, pencil, color and many more. Save images on high resolution of 1024 by 786.

Picturizr | ISBX cross platform mobile app development | Free

Share happiness with your friends and share it on your facebook or twitter. Picturizr iphone photo app lets you create funny and wacky faces by using products custom overlays. It works like photoshop, add, rotate, scale and rotate custom eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows and more items like hats and frames.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The 10 Most Important Photo Enhancement App For Your iPhone

With over 2,000 iphone photo apps to download in iTunes App Store, it’s tough to pick and separate which one is the best for your money’s worth and which one is a crap. There are tons of top photo app list and reviews available online (Paid, Free or for Jailbreak) and reading them will surely eat your time.

Adorama, one of US’s largest photo retail and mail order store recently announced the winners of 1st annual APPOS Awards, an iPhone App Awards for software apps available in photography category. They picked the winners by the frequency of use of the apps when they ran an iPhone app photo shoot contest. With over 17,000 image submitted during the contest they asked the participants which app they used and score them.

Hence, this list have some obvious winners like app for mobile which considered as the cream of the crop among photo enhancement apps available for photography. So if you are looking for a dependable list that showcase iphone photo editing applications, then you’re in the right place.

Hello World - Greeting from iPhone Apps Lover

iPhone Apps Lover is a blogger page that reviews the latest and coolest apps available in iTunes - iPhone Lovers or should i say "Mac Lovers". We provide insights on the development of the application and highlights all its features. So why waste money on an app that's now worthy for download? Grab your iPhone or iPad and hop in! As we travel and discover the best of the best apps that the community has released. So fasten your seat-belt and take a deep breathe.

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