Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo Fixes: Free iPhone Apps for Editing Pictures

If you own an iPhone and you love to work with your facebook app, share stories and pictures. But then again you notice that your image lacks of the quality that you want to attain. Worry no more, here’s a short list of photo editing applications for iphone, iPod touch and iPad – available for free download.

iRetouch Lite | Nick Drabovich | Free

Retouching and Editing images made easy. iRetouch offers tools such as smudge, brighten, hue, eraser, pencil, color and many more. Save images on high resolution of 1024 by 786.

Picturizr | ISBX cross platform mobile app development | Free

Share happiness with your friends and share it on your facebook or twitter. Picturizr iphone photo app lets you create funny and wacky faces by using products custom overlays. It works like photoshop, add, rotate, scale and rotate custom eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows and more items like hats and frames.

SP Photo FixL  | Sponticelli | Free Version (Lite)

This is a free version, expect minimal functions only. SP Photo FixL is the lite version of SP Photo Fix. An image retouching tool that let’s user adjust picture’s brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation and more. Comes with share functions on facebook and Twitter

Ifunto Lite | Swink | Free Version (Lite)

A fun app that lets you combine your photo on different backgrounds that gives your photo a different look and just like any other lite version of apps avail paid version and enjoy the benefit of having different background images.

iTunes has more iphone photo apps to offer both paid and free. Just be careful on picking your app. Enjoy photo apps and utilize your iphone.


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