Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogging Goes Techie. From Blogs to iPhone Apps.

Blogging is future. Just like what everybody says. If you don’t own a blog then start blogging. Blog has converted a silent world of website to a convenient communication and testament of blogging. Without blogs you wouldn’t know such thing exist. You wouldn’t know if an on sale item for sale is a crap. If a food from this resto taste bad. Blogging has diversified the internet by connecting people of the same interest.

For Business and eCommerce site blogging is always a necessity. People nowadays know how to critically study a product before spending their precious money on it. Reading first product reviews, comments and recommendations.  Peer recommendations always drive people to buy your product or service.

Therefore the need for blogging to be more portable arise.

We collected iPhone Apps that took its toll on internet blogging since blogging was born.
1.    Wordpress  - “Start Blogging in Seconds”. The Leading Content Management System now available on iPhone and iPad. Create a new post, approve a comment, manage your pages and almost everything on wordpress. The app review says it all! Wordpress Blogging? Do-it on iPhone!

2.    Tumblr – The official tumblr iphone app has arrived. This app lets you post updates on your tumblr page. Post quotes, photo, video, audio just like what your tumblogger does. The only awry thing about this app is that it has a love letter that says “Dear Tumblr Team,Your Interface is ugly. Please consider to redesign it.” From its iTunes download link

3.    Joomla – Otherwise known as Joomla Admin Mobile. Manage and update your joomla powered blog. Post an article and insert images. Manage pages and categories just like what your joomla page can do. The price? Don’t raise your eyebrows. $9.99 on iTunes.
So go ahead and blog!

Source : Picturizr - iphone photo apps. Make funny and wacky pictures and post it on your blog.


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